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Art Forum. November 1968. Fidel Danielli

Plus Minus Zero. September 1975. Georgina Oliver

Art International. March 1976. R.C.Kenedy

Artscribe. No.9 November 1977. Interview

Harper’s and Queen. May 1978. Bryan Robertson

The Times. 9 April 1985. John Russel Taylor

Art and Australia. Autumn 1985. Bryan Robertson

The Weekend Australian. 10 October 1987. Elwyn Lynn

Contemporary Art. Winter 1994/95.  Susan Loppert

Independent. 23 April 1996. Charles Hall

Independent. 19 September 1997. Andrew Lambirth

The Spectator. 21 September 2002. Andrew Lambirth

Independent. 18 November 2003. Sue Hubbard

Sculpture vol.XX/3-4. March/April 2004 Stefanie Bickel


Zeitrum, Galerie Dorothee Van der Koelen, Mainz. August 2004. Dr.Rolf Lauter

The Spectator. 7 May 2005. Andrew Lambirth

Financial Times. 31 March 2008. William Packer

The Spectator. 19 April 2008. Andrew Lambirth

Aesthetics Magazine. Issue 22 April/May 2008. Cherie Federico

RA Magazine. Spring 2008. Fiona Maddocks

New Statesman. 10 April 2008. Sue Hubbard

Monograph ‘Nigel Hall: Sculpture and Works on Paper’ published by Royal Academy of Arts, 2008

Craft Arts International (Australia). No. 87 2013. Ian Wilson

Wall Street International. 9 November 2016. Neil Powell

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