Nigel Hall is one of Britain’s most distinguished sculptors. His works, principally made of polished wood or steel, are concerned with three dimensional space, mass and line. His abstract drawings and geometric sculptures give as much prominence to voids and shadows as to the solidity of material and each work changes with light and viewpoint reflecting the landscapes that inspired them.   

Nigel Hall RA: Recent Paintings, Drawings and Multiples, and Manijeh Yadegar Hall

16 June – 19 July 2021

Zuleika Gallery, 6 Park Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire OX20 1SP

Telephone: 01993 357077

Opening hours: Monday 10-5pm, Tuesday Closed, Wednesday-Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 11-4pm

1874 2020 51.5 x 65.5 charcoal and acryl
Online Exhibitions

Shows curated during and for lockdown, to be enjoyed in the virtual world. Still very busy in the studio Nigel is drawing, making and planning for future exhibitions. In the meantime we hope you enjoy seeing some work you may not have seen before.

Cacti near La Paz Mexico 2  october 1989
Loud Interior (Collage) 1964crop.jpg
Sculpture in Situ

MI CASA, 7ª semana de confinamiento at Álvaro Alcázar Gallery

Virtual collective exhibition

From Álvaro Alcázar Gallery we have launched a project focused on stressing the importance of staying home for the past few weeks.

We have invited all artists to send us photographs and details of works related to houses and the concept of home regardless of the medium or size. The principal idea was to emphasize this idea of staying home. We have published most of the artworks that have been sent to us under the hashtags already known as #myhome, #stayathome, #istayathome and also others specific of the project as #whithartistayathome and #arthouse.

After these seven weeks, we finished this project and we want to thank all the artists who have participated in it who have followed us day by day through Social Networks. This thank note is also extended to all those who have sent us signs of support. We are very proud to have been able to bring some joy in these sad weeks.

Untitled 1965.jpg

Visto Y No Visto, Galeria Álvaro Alcázar  2021

Visto Y No Visto.jpg
Spin Cycle Maquette 2018.jpg