Works on Walks

Works on Walks came about from an idea to incorporate viewing sculptures as part of the permitted daily exercise during the current pandemic restrictions. All these works are sited at places accessible to the public. Roll the cursor over the image for details of the work and its location. We would love to add your photos to this gallery, email your images to us or post them on Instagram. If you are not near one of these locations we hope you enjoy this virtual tour and perhaps in the future you will be able to visit. Stay safe.

Contact: London UK

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Littoral I 2011, Aldeburgh Beach Lookout

Width 73.4cm Wood The definition of littoral: the shoreline zone between high and low tide points relating to lake, sea and ocean. This piece is appropriately sited at the coast at Aldeburgh. One of a series of Littoral works exploring two mirrored shapes in wood, bronze and plaster. All relatively small works, this is the longest. Contact Aldeburgh Beach Lookout prior to visit.